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Unwashed and Somewhat Slightly Dazed

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I have a squeaky eyeball. But only in the morning.
80s movies, acrylic paint, alf, andy warhol, atari, backrubs, bacon, barbie cards, bitch magazine, blankets, board games, boneless wings, books, cadbury creme eggs, candles, candy cigarettes, cd101, character development, chin-licking, chinese buffets, christmas ornaments, christopher guest movies, chuck klosterman, cocomotion, coconut, collecting, comfort, containers, cookie dough, corn dogs, cover songs, crafternoons, craftster, cuddling, curb your enthusiasm, dairy queen, dave mustaine, david bowie, david bowie's area, degrassi, diaries, dinner club, double-sided tape, dream theater, drive-in theaters, family euchre, feminism, fireflies, flavorice, flip flops, flute-playing, fraggles, frozen hot chocolate, fruit snacks, gilmore girls, glam, gummo, hash browns, home movies, ice skating, inside jokes, jim henson, kevin smith, kurt vonnegut, label makers, labyrinth, led zeppelin, libraries, lingo, little notebooks, magnets, making lists, massey's pizza, megadeth, melted cheese, mix cds, modern dance, movie club, muppets, naming bands, oscar parties, pajamas, papercrafts, pee wee's playhouse, pepsi, pepsi freeze, pez, photographs, photography, pillows, pop art, pop culture, project runway, punctuation, quickutz, quotes, road trips, rock concerts, roller skates, rubber stamps, saturday night live, scrapbooking, seinfeld, sesame street, six feet under, sleeping in, smelling books, smelling new paper, snerts, socialism, sociology, squeaky eyes, starting projects, subtitles, symphonies, t-shirts, the book loft, the circleville pumpkin show, theme nights, three's company, trivia, vh1 classic, walks, woody allen movies, yearbooks